Natural light photographer based in Monrovia specializing in women's lifestyle photography and equestrian (horse and/or rider) photography.

I love to capture people when they're in the moment. Perhaps it's doing something you love and are passionate about or perhaps its a place that lightens your heart and touches your soul. For me it's the ocean. The world just melts away when I take a long walk along the beach... or think of the innocent child who's just discovered something for the very first time and shows no fear. When someone's eyes light up and you see that smile... that's the moment. Life should always be measured in moments. 

Each of us has a story... sadly most of ours go untold. As a woman, I know all too well about all the untold stories. But when a woman truly comes into her own and owns her inner beauty, the outer beauty glows releasing her true inner goddess and we need to share her story to inspire others. We need to inspire those that will follow in our footsteps. 

Together let's tell your story. We can document your story throughout the spectacular and famous locations of Los Angeles or if you prefer the quiet garden and privacy of my home studio. 

Every picture captures a special moment in time. Let me capture yours... 


P.S. I shoot with a Full Frame Canon DSLR and I have an arsenal of lenses that I'm not afraid to use :)